Thursday, May 12, 2016

Guffy Campground to Switchback on Mount Baden Powell

Descended from Guffy campground to Inspiration Point where the trail crosses Highway 2, just one of many road crossings of Highway 2 for the trail. This particular crossing is where most hikers hitch into Wrightwood for resupply. 

My mom and Tim, Mighty Mouse's husband met me at the roadside rest area with lunch and my food resupply package that will get me to Agua Dulce or Acton. 

After lunch I kept on hiking until stopping a little less than a mile up the slope of Mount Baden Powell, the next big climb. 

Along the way I noticed that what I had thought was Mount Baldy was, in fact, some other peak between the trail and Baldy itself. Baldy turns out to actually be bald, go figure. 

The trail today passed by the lifts and ponds at the top of Mountain High Ski Area. 

Camp tonight was on a smallish shelf at the end of a switchback. Someone had built a nice wooden bench, and there was enough flat area between the bench and the drop off that we fit four sleeping bags. No tents tonight.

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