Saturday, May 14, 2016

Buckhorn Campground to Sulphur Springs campground

After the long day yesterday I decided to take it a little easier today. 

Ended up hiking about 12 easy miles, much of it near Highway 2, listening to an endless parade of weekend motorcyclists enjoying the twisty road. 

Got water from a tap at a boy scout camp, after earlier seeing a group of scouts hiking the opposite direction on the trail. 

Parts of the trail today used the old road surface of a previous incarnation of Highway 2. Looked like it was once a single lane road with frequent pull outs. 

Walked in many wooded valleys today, going along old roads and then climbing up and out to cross the highway before descending into another valley. 

Camped at Sulphur Springs campground, a nice spot that a few weekend campers hiked into, including Ninja Tank who had brought trail magic (beer, chip, salsa, fruit) back at the Third Gate cache, something like a month ago.

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