Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday, May 30

Camped about a mile before Tylerhorse canyon where the next water source was located. The camp site was a bit windy, but my tent did well.

After getting water from the small creek at Tylerhorse, there was a sizable climb and then more windfarm crossing.

There was a nice, unexpected water cache that also had a few apples and oranges. Unfortunately the area had a wildfire a few years ago so the formerly shady trail is now all in the sun. There was a small cabin up a hill that appeared to have a nice porch with shade, but several no trespassing signs discouraged further investigation.

Ended the day at Tehachapi Willow Springs road where my girlfriend picked me up for a few days of pampering at home, probably the last visits home since I am getting further away each day now.

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