Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Messenger Flats Campground to Acton KOA

Hiked from Messenger Flats to the Acton KOA today. 

Messenger flats was a pretty nice campground, although there is no water there, and most of the area is sloped, making tent site selection a challenge. 

Hiked about 6 miles to the Mill Creek ranger station, which doesn't seem to be an active ranger station anymore. The guy who lives there makes signs for the forest service and puts out water for hikers and a self service cooler with sodas and candy bars for hikers to purchase. 

The forest roads through this section are all closed to the public still, due to the Station fire in 2009. 

The winds from last night continued through the day, which was good, since the sun was out, and in any area where the wind was blocked, the temperature rose rapidly. A preview of the coming desert section, I suppose.

Ended the day at the Acton KOA, camped on grass under a tree, luxury for a PCT hiker.

Mighty Mouse's blog for this area: http://www.timandgerri.com/blog---2016/day-41-mile-43044-44410

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  1. The rocks in the second photo, that is not meant to be the trail, is it?