Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Agua Dolce to cowboy camp next to old water tank

After a week off the trail to slow down my pace and let Mighty Mouse make up some miles I got back on the trail.

A not on pace. Sure, you can hike fast or slow, but much of the time miles are limited by available camping sites or more usually, water availability. There are quite a few stretches where water sources might be ten or more miles apart, so you either end up with dry camps, which are a pain, or you hike from water to water on a given day. That makes it difficult to do a set number of miles each day, so you end with short mile days and long ones.

Started today in Agua Dulce at the grocery store parking lot where I left off last Wednesday. 

After a brief road walk out of town the trail resumed. There is a 15 mile waterless stretch after Bear Spring, but it was nice and cool, so I didn't feel I needed to carry and extreme amount of water. 

While at the spring, watched a hummingbird take a bath and drink from the spring. 

Found a water cache that some nice people are maintaining, but had enough already, so just stopped to chat with Sherpa and Dr. Doolittle, an Irish couple who live in San Francisco for a little while and enjoy the shade. 

Cowboy camped (didn't put up a tent) despite some threatening clouds in the sky. No rain, so it worked out.

Mighty Mouse got back on the trail yesterday (May 23) and is at mile 353.89. At that point I was at mile 454.5, so almost exactly 100 miles ahead. Her entry for leaving Agua Dolce was on June 2, so just a week and a half behind me.

Mighty Mouse's blog entry for this area: http://www.timandgerri.com/blog---2016/day-43-mile-45450-46823

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