Sunday, May 1, 2016

Campsite Under Rainbow Bridge to Mojave River Campground

Hiked from near the Rainbow Bridge on Deep Creek to the Mojave River Campground. 

There's not a river in sight, although earlier today we hiked for most of the day next to Deep Creek, which apparently along the way magically becomes the Mojave River, which then disappears. 

Camped last night with Mighty Mouse and Ron Graybill next to Deep Creek. Our camp site was among rocks and trees and poison oak bushes. Fortunately I don't think anyone managed to get into the poison oak. 

Spent most of the walk today traveling along what seemed like an old water channel high above Deep Creek. From what I can find this contraction is what was called "The Hesperia Ditch" a pipe that carried water from Deep Creek to Hesperia, constructed in 1888. Apparently, even when it was in use, parts of the pipeline would occasionally get washed out down the steep walls of the canyon, and currently there are obviously many sections of the old project that have long since been washed away.

Met my mom for lunch at a dirt road. She brought chairs and food and drink and we had a good time. Ron went with her back to civilization.

We met some folks training llamas to be pack animals, very neat. And a cute baby llama too!

Met Tim at the Mojave River Campground.

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