Saturday, April 30, 2016

Deep Creek Campsite to Campsite Under Rainbow Bridge

Hiked today with Ron and Mighty Mouse. Took it easy as we weren't among for a lot of miles. 
We stopped for a great break at the Deep Creek hot springs. Thought it would be a crazier scene on a weekend, but things were quite mellow. Had a great soak in the hot pool, then a little while in the cool creek, then some more in the hot to warm back up. 
Hiked a few more miles after the hot springs and we are camped near the rainbow bridge for the night.

My friend Ron. Thanks for joining us Ron!

2021 Update: 
More hiking along Deep Creek today, including a stop at some hot springs that are clothing optional.
We ran into Wildcard again at the hot springs, I suspect that she might find it difficult to leave in a timely manner.
One of the things that brings together people on the trail is a love of being out in nature, no matter if that entails walking 2600 miles, or dragging a cooler full of drinks a mile or so from the nearest road.
When we arrived at the hot springs, which are on the margins of the creek, with tubs having been built up with rocks over years, we were greeted by several people offering beers or sodas.

Unfortunately, the area by the hot springs sees more people than it can really accommodate, and thus there is the usual plague of toilet paper in the surrounding bushes, and frankly, not enough flat tent sites to jam in everyone.

We reluctantly packed up after soaking in the hot tub, then headed further down the creek, finding a tight campsite among the bushes between the trail and the creek.
Sand is pretty good to sleep on, since you can kind of push it around under you, but it makes setting up a tent difficult. I typically end up wrapping my extra long guy lines around stones that are as big as I can move into position.

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