Monday, April 4, 2016

From Lake Morena to Kitchen Creek Roadside Camp

Hot day for a clump out of Lake Morena.


Or a climb.

Leaving Lake Morena I felt like the trail was a sandy trough that just sapped my energy. But maybe that is just my memory playing up the difficulty. Or maybe I just wasn't in good trail shape.

Good to find a shaded resting spot under a bridge.
This is a bridge over Cottonwood Creek. Yes, the same creek that I got water from and camped next to. In between that point and this, there is a dam and the reservoir that is Lake Morena. On this side of the lake, Cottonwood Creek is rather dry.

And enjoy some flowers along the way.

At lunch I was sitting at a picnic table at Boulder Oaks Campground and was joined by Mighty Mouse and Barbra, and then soon by Mighty Mouse's husband, Tim, who drove up in their 4Runner, the same one that I had seen at the Lake Morena campground.

I came across Mighty Mouse and Barbra later and they convinced me to camp a bit off the trail where Tim had their camp set up. And also to slack pack the next section. For those that don't know, slack packing is hiking without having to carry all of your gear. In this case, made possible because Tim would take the gear, and we could hike with just the minimum, water, food, etc.

Mighty Mouse and Tim had hiked part of the PCT in 2014, so Mighty Mouse knew this part of the trail, and knew where camping and water were to be had.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:


  1. Will you be able to make the Pathfinder game Wednesday? I can give your the coordinates if you would like.

  2. As long as you have water for us....