Friday, April 29, 2016

Campsite on Crest to Deep Creek Campsite

Hiked from PCT mile 290 to about mile 301 today. 

Passed the 300 trail miles mark! 

Met my friend Ron Graybill at the Splinter's Cabin trail junction. He is hiking along for a couple days, completing a section of the trail that he hasn't been on before. 

The trail in this section has been pretty easy, no huge climbs and a general, gradual, descent. The Deep Creek section is quite spectacular so far, with the trail usually up high looking down at the creek. 

Before getting to Deep Creek we descended some, and transitioned from pine forest (albeit largely burnt pine forest) back to manzanita dominated chaparral.


2021 Update:

My friend Ron Graybill joined us today. He's hiking with us for a couple days.

Ron was one of my professors in college, and he was the lead photographer and organizer of the photo team that I joined on an archaeology dig in Jordan in 1994, right after college graduation.

Ron had been, for several years, hiking portions of the PCT. This is called section hiking, and it's what it sounds like; hiking sections of the trail when you can, quite often with the objective of hiking the whole thing.

We also happened upon Wildcard today. We hadn't seen her for a while, and back then she was limping quite a bit, having sprained both ankles. She was able to take a few days off the trail, and is now hiking much faster. We just saw her during a break to get water, then she was gone down the trail.

Much of today was spent hiking along a creek. That means the trail was mostly on the side of a steep valley, so camping locations were limited.

We eventually found a nice wide sandy area. It might not be a great location if there was heavy rain and the creek level rose, but heavy rain is a rarity here.

A couple other solo hikers camped nearby, as well as a family of four. They had made their own pyramid tent. The kids seemed to be having a great time, and the parents did too.

Here's the family's blog of their adventure:

Photos from today:

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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