Friday, April 8, 2016

Sunrise Trailhead to Rodriguez Spring Road

Cold and windy and threatening rain. Here we go.


2021 update:

Woke up in luxury, headed down from the room and had a delicious breakfast.

Then back to the trail for us in the 4Runner.

It stayed cloudy for most of the day, definitely not a bad thing for hiking.

The day ended at Rodriguez Spring road, which is on a ridge. After this the trail descends quite a bit, but for now we get a great view. There are lots of other people here, possibly a dozen hikers spread out along the road. The reason? The miles work out, plus there's a water tank here, so no water issues.

I actually camped next to the concrete water tank, and used it as a table.

Of course it started to rain just as I was making dinner, so that put a little damper on things.

Sleeping was a little difficult here, since I managed to pitch my tent on a slight side slope, and kept having to shuffle myself and my sleeping pad to the uphill side of the tent.

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