Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Idyllwild to San Jacinto State Park Wilderness

Met Mighty Mouse and Tim for breakfast, then headed out to hike back up to the PCT.

Idyllwild is a great mountain town with good places to eat and a good outfitter.

But it's still not as high up the mountain as the PCT, so hikers have to take a side trail to get into town, and then back up to the PCT. In my case, I had done a road walk into town because the actual PCT was closed due to a fire a couple years before that had taken out parts of the trail before Idyllwild.

To get back to the PCT there are a couple different trails that lead up from Idyllwild. The Devil's Slide trail is probably the most popular up/down route, and I've hiked it a couple times in the past. We chose to use a different trail that cut off some miles in trade for being steeper.

Tim hiked with us for the start of the trail, but turned back at the permit sign.

Misleadingly, that nice chunk of granite in the picture is Tahquitz Rock.

Our first snow. Not to be the last.
Mighty Mouse having fun crossing downed trees.
There's actually a creek under the snow, Mighty Mouse is collecting water since the camp sites tonight and tomorrow night are dry. Have to tank up on water.
Home for the night. I don't remember the elevation, but we were quite high, and it got quite cold overnight.


Back up to the PCT from Idyllwild via the Deer Springs trail. Taking a lunch break at Strawberry junction before heading a couple miles further for the day.

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