Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hwy 18 to Cougar Crest Trail Junction

Hiked about 12.6 miles today and saw one hiker while I was stopped for lunch. That was it. I did meet a woman who is out with a friend on horses and planning on going up to the Oregon border. They also had two dogs and two goats. Seems like a lot to get organized and moving.

Today was good hiking and my feet and ankles were happier than yesterday. Made sure to take a long stop for lunch with shoes and socks off, which seems to help the feet.

Tonight looks like it is going to snow. At least the weather prediction calls for snow and there are certainly enough clouds moving through. I guess I will find out how my mostly mesh tent fares in a bit of snowfall.

2021 Update:

The interaction with the horse lady was interesting. I'm not sure that she was going to get very far. She had a horse with her, but said that some friends had just taken another one to a vet for something or another. She also had her stuff spread all over the place, clothes and other gear hanging from a whole lot of trees, and she had an open campfire in what was not at all an organized camp site. (This way doth wildfires begin)

Mighty Mouse took a well deserved Zero day today in Big Bear.

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