Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Onyx summit to highway 18


2021 Update:

My dad gave me a ride up the mountain to Onyx Summit, which is the first point where the PCT comes near a road after climbing up from Whitewater, where I last left off.

Mighty Mouse was doing her road walk and off trail adventure to connect where we left off and the PCT on the north side of Big Bear Lake, where I was going to meet her in a couple days.

There were a couple inches of snow on the ground at the trailhead, but it wasn't bad, and disappeared after a while.

Ended up hiking something like 13.6 miles today, not bad for a latish start to the day, thanks to having to drive up the hill.

I came across a few hikers, but ended up setting up camp by myself, until another PCTer, Bagel, came along and set up nearby.

I did take a picture of an amusing sign that seems to indicate that hikers should step on the plants. Obviously it's missing it's red "Do Not" circle, thanks to years of fading, I assume.

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  1. The photo with the sign, what are you supposed to step on?