Friday, April 22, 2016

Campsite on Fuller Ridge to Ziggy and the Bear (Whitewater)


Camped overnight on the mountain overlooking highway 10. 
It was a bit breezy overnight but not too bad. The descent to the desert floor was in bright sun and quite warm when the wind wasn't present. 
Passed trail mile 200 today! 
Made it to the drinking fountain at the bottom of the descent with a couple swallows of water left. Thanks to the Desert Water Agency for the drinking fountain. 

Stopped at Coppertone's RV for a little bit, but he was out of ice cream, so we had donuts instead.

Coppertone is a roving Trail Angel. He hiked the trail a few years ago and now is retired, so for the summer he is following the hiker herd and providing trail magic, usually in the form of root beer floats.

Rested a bit before heading down to the 10 and then on to trail Angel Ziggy and the Bear's house.

Ziggy and the Bear at the Whitewater trail house were an institution, one that is no more.
In 2016 there was a fire up the trail from here, and people were scrambling for information on what to do since the trail was closed between Whitewater and Onyx Summit. I helped Mighty Mouse map out a road walk.
Being the non-purist, I decided to go home for a couple days off the trail while Mighty Mouse did her detour walk.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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  1. Good work Brad, looks like you got some climbing ahead of you.