Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mount Laguna to Mount Laguna Campground

Wednesday, April 6. 8:30pm

I am already in my tent. Warm under my down quilt. We are in a campground, so not really in the wilderness but it seems like only PCT hikers are here. No cars driving around, just hikers happy to use the shower.

Today was a short day of hiking, 6 miles after a late start from Mount Laguna. The post office opens at noon, so had to wait until then to send a package home.

Incidentally the backpacking shop in Mount Laguna has more lightweight gear in a couple hundred square feet than REI has in its flagship Seattle store. Great place and helpful people. Highly recommended.

2021 update:

Short day today, only about 6 miles, maybe a little less, and today was another slack pack day, with Most of my gear riding in Tim's 4Runner again.

Sent out my package from the post office this morning.

Part of the hike today was through a burn area. We'll get to lots more later in the hike.

Pierce/007 from the UK hiked along with us for a while today. He's carrying a guitar along with his other gear. Somehow he also managed a grant from his school in the UK to help with hiking expenses.

We're camped in an organized campground, but it's nice and quiet.

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