Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Warner Springs to Campsite Along Agua Caliente Creek

After two great nights in my comfy bed I am back out on the trail.

Thanks to my great girlfriend for driving down to get me in the rain and for taking care of me at home.

And thanks to my friend Ron Graybill for driving me back to the trail.

Had a short day today to meet up with Mighty Mouse and Meta at a great campsite next to a creek with frogs serenading us and a couple bats flying around keeping the insect population under control.

2021 Update:

Thanks to my friend, Ron Graybill, for a ride back to the trail at Warner Springs.

An easy and short bit of hiking today to meet up with Mighty Mouse and Barbra.

Walking across some beautiful meadows and camping by a nicely flowing creek are just the things to get back into the hiking spirit.

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