Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mount Laguna Campground to Sunrise Trailhead

On and off rain today. Slack packing again today with just water and a bit of food in the pack today. Left the tent at the campsite because we were going to stay there another night.

The hiking was pretty easy due to not having to carry much weight.

Along the way there was a section of old roadway that was blocked off from traffic, and now seemed to serve as a place for people to come put unauthorized memorial markers. Quite a few of them were at least a bit humorous.

However, my tent uses my hiking poles instead of separate tent poles and I needed them for the walk. So I flattened my tent and staked it out to keep the wind from blowing it away.

Sadly the rain found ways in to the tent and it was wet inside when we got back. Fortunately I had bundled things up in stuff sacks and put them on top of my air mattress so most things stayed dry apart from the air mattress and the tent and ground sheet.

Since things were wet - Tim and Mighty Mouse's big car camping tent leaked during the day - I went along with the consensus and we headed to Julian in the 4Runner.

Julian is a small mountain town here, known mostly for its apple pie restaurants. That might seem odd to people not from Southern California, but it's a thing, since there aren't all that many places here where apples and other fruits that need cold winters grow well.

Things are now drying out in a room at the Julian Gold Rush Hotel. Maybe that's not quite the name, cute place.

Heading out to look for dinner soon before cleaning up. Hunger comes first.

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