Thursday, April 14, 2016

Campsite Along Agua Caliente Creek to Trail Angel Mike Herrera's House

Having lunch along the trail. Sunny and breezy today. Still reasonably cool in the shade.

Camping at a trail angel's house just off the trail. I'm not sure the owner is here much, but there are some folks who tend to things, including cooking up pizzas and breakfast.

2021 Update: 

Today was a good day for hiking., So good that we hiked an extra 3 miles or so that we hadn't planned on!

Well, that was mostly because of the wind that picked up by the time we got to our planned camp site. I got a message from Tim that said there were possibilities of up to 40 mph winds, and the place we had planned to stop at wasn't all that sheltered.

But before that, the day really was good for hiking, with good views, and even a creek to cross.

Oh, and there was a trail angel's house 3 miles or so away that was rumored to have a pizza oven...

So, we went the extra miles, which didn't turn out to be bad.

And Mike Herrera's house had wood fired pizza. No Mike, but there were a couple guys living there who were taking care of feeding the hikers that stopped by. There were probably a dozen hikers, and an endless supply of delicious pizzas.

We ended up pitching our tents on an unused dirt road next to the house that had a border of thick pushes that slowed down the wind somewhat.

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