Thursday, April 21, 2016

San Jacinto State Park Wilderness to Campsite on Fuller Ridge

Down Fuller Ridge. 

Today started out at our camp on the side of San Jacinto at about 8600 feet on elevation. 
Our camp for tonight is at about 4900 feet, so we had quite a bit of descending. 
Part of the hike included a section called Fuller Ridge which is a steep ridge that still holds a fair amount of snow on its north side. The weather on the ridge is quite variable. We were fortunate once again to have cool but not cold weather. 
Crossing the snow patches wasn't too tricky, although a slip at the wrong point would have been bad. The blown down trees were entertaining, trail crews haven't been up on that section of the trail this season. 

Tonight we are camped with a view of Cabazon and the wind farms along I-10. The wind is a bit gusty but my tent is at least partly sheltered by some manzanita bushes.


  1. Great scenery. Glad your tent is sheltered. The weather forecast is for high winds to start around 5 pm on Friday, hopefully you will be off the mountain by that time.

  2. That trail looks a little hairy!