Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday evening

Hiker time. I am in my tent for the night at 7:15pm.
Rain made dinner a hurried affair and cold dives us into our tents. Not real cold, but warm gear is heavy and most
People only have a warm jacket and not warm pants, so we limit outside time.
Temperatures are supposed to get into the mid 40's and it doesn't feel far off of that right now.

The daytime temperatures these past couple days have been unusually cool, which is much appreciated since this stretch is usually a hot waterless stretch.

Trail angels maintain a water cache near where I am camped and I will fill my bottles in the morning.

When we arrived at the water cache this afternoon, Ninja Tank who hiked the PCT a couple years ago was here with fruit and chips and salsa and cookies and soda and beer. We had met him earlier in the day as he was hiking along with another hiker. He hiked out five miles of trail and then drove around dirt roads to bring grateful hikers a little trail magic. Then he was heading to the next trail stopping point to share more before heading back to LA to get to work tomorrow. Thanks Ninja Tank and all the trail angels (including my parents and girlfriend who brought water and fruit to Scissors Crossing yesterday).

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