Monday, April 11, 2016

Third Gate Trail to Warner Springs

Got rained on leaving Barrel Springs. Kept walking and ended up in Warner Springs.

Thanks to the people of Warner Springs for opening their Community Resource Center for PCT hikers.

Packed right now with wet hikers. And a field full of tents out back.

Mighty Mouse and Barbra branched off the trail to go to Mountain Valley Retreat for two nights.
I'm getting picked up by my girlfriend to spend two nights at home.

2021 Update:

After leaving the Third Gate where we camped, the trail kept doing its side slope thing for a few more miles.

Mighty Mouse and Barbra split off from the trail to head to Mountain Valley Retreat for a couple nights at the spa.

I kept on hiking. Stopped to get water at Barrel Springs, then it started raining. My goal for the day was Warner Springs, where I was getting picked up to head home for a couple nights. Time for a bed and laundry and getting clean.

Along the way is Eagle Rock, a neat rock formation that looks like, well, an Eagle.

Walking in the rain wasn't bad, but as it got darker, I did manage to run into a few low tree branches. Fortunately I wear my cycling glasses while hiking. They have photosensitive lenses that are essentially clear when the light is low. The glasses took a couple whacks from branches that I just never saw coming.

It was nearly dark by the time I walked into the community center at Warner Springs which the town opens up for hikers. It was full of wet, smelly, hikers. There was a field of tents out back.
Huge thanks to the volunteers and the town of Warner Springs for making the hikers welcome.

Knowing that I was headed home and could easily resupply, I gave some of my food to other hikers.

After a bit of conversation with a few hikers, my girlfriend arrived and we headed out.

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