Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cougar Crest Trail Junction to Campsite on Crest

Woke up to snow. 
The snow actually started falling at 11:30pm, and continued off and on for much of the night. 
My tent isn't really designed for snow, and I had to occasionally kick my feet up to knock the snow off the end of the tent. 
I waited in the tent in the morning until the sun did a little melting of the snow, so no pictures of the tent all covered. 
Today's hike was largely through a burn area to the north of Big Bear Lake. 
Lots of burnt and called or cut trees along the trail.


2021 Update:

Camped at the junction of the PCT and Cougar Crest Trail, where I was to meet Mighty Mouse this morning.

It started snowing last night, and kept it up for quite a while, and I kept waking up and having to kick the snow off the bottom of the tent, since the weight of the snow kept making the tent sag down onto my feet. I even had to get out once and sweep the snow off the tent. This tent definitely isn't designed to deal with snow.

At any rate, morning eventually arrived, and after I ate breakfast, Mighty Mouse showed up and we headed out on the PCT.

Most of the hike today was through burned areas. I imagine that at some point, the trail was nicely shaded, but now, not so much.

We found a nice campsite for the night. It even came with a nice log for sitting on or leaning back against.

Photos from today:

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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