Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hurkey Creek to Idyllwild

After taking a zero day (no hiking miles) on Monday, today I hiked from the Hurkey Creek Campground to Idyllwild. A short day, just about 8 miles.

Selva came and picked me up and I spent two nights at home, then my dad drove me back to the trail. Mighty Mouse continued on to Idyllwild and she and Tim got a cabin there and took a day off.

My tent set up at the Idyllwild campground.

2021 Update:

After a couple nights back home, my dad drove me back to Hurkey Creek campground and I walked the short 8 miles to Idyllwild.

Most of the walk was on dirt roads, so not many vehicles. This was still part of the detour around the fire area.

Arriving in Idyllwild I checked in at the campground, where there were a few other PCT hikers set up. Met up with Tim and Mighty Mouse and did some shopping at the outfitter in town.

Mighty Mouse's blog for (not the same day) this section of trail: http://www.timandgerri.com/blog---2016/day-19-18-april-mile-162-17939-hiked-8-mile-detour

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  1. so good that you have made it through without ridiculously hot temperatures so far. One of the days down to Cabazon may be a challenge though.