Sunday, April 10, 2016

Campsite in Sandy Dry Creek Bed to Third Gate Trail

Mighty Mouse raring to get going.

What to do on a break? Air out feet and have a snack or a drink.

Must be the third gate, looking for the water cache.

Oh, there's the cache, and there's Ninja Tank with goodies.

Reached the 3rd gate water cache and am camping nearby. Mighty Mouse, Barbra and Wildcard are here too.

Lots of walking on a slightly side sloping trail today.

2021 Update:

Headed out from our little camp site.

Most of today seemed to be spent walking on trail that followed the contours in and out of every little ripple. This would be fine, but this means that the trail goes up and down while it gradually gains elevation in the long term. Also, the trail today wasn't flat side to side. I'm sure the trail is built this way, and from a trail durability viewpoint, it makes sense, as it keeps the trail from becoming a stream and causing erosion when rain happens. But from a hiking perspective, it's tough on the ankles, since your feet are always landing and then flexing to the side.

Shortly after we started hiking we met a couple on the trail. She was doing a thru hike, or part of one, I can't remember, and he was just out for the day hiking with her. His trail name was Ninja Tank, and he had done the PCT a couple years before. He said he was just doing a couple miles this morning, then back to the car and he planned on taking some snacks and drinks to the Third Gate water cache up ahead. We said we'd hope to see him later.

And after a few hours, we did indeed make it to the Third Gate water cache, and there was Ninja 
Tank, and he had chips and salsa and cookies and fresh fruit and beers and sodas. And of course, there was the water cache to refill water bottles.

I ended up camping not far from the cache with Mighty Mouse, Barbra and Wildcard.

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