Monday, April 4, 2016

What was I thinking?

Note that the text of this post is actually from April 3, when I had to camp by Cottonwood Creek.


It is 9:44 pm. I am settling in for bed, serenaded by a chorus of frogs who are resident at the creek that I am camped near.

So, all is well on the PCT, right?

Well, I am a mile and a half or so off the trail. And I could have finished my water at mile 10. I am that one and a half miles off mile 15.4 or thereabouts.

Lesson learned, bring more water and less food. And pay attention to the distances between water. And especially pay attention to the water report.

In the end a good day, but my first day on the trail could have been less of a death march to this creek if I had thought ahead a bit more.


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  2. Brad! I've done most of the first 300 miles. Maybe I can join you for a day or two when you reach Splinters Cabin east of Lake Arrowhead. I need to do that piece along Deep Creek and over to Mohave Dam. I've hiked a lot beyond that, but need that piece. That would be Miles 298 to 314 on Halfmile's 2015 map, although that may not work, because I'm in Utah April 20-24, and you may get there about that time. We'll see. I'll track you on inReach! Also if you need something along the way in So Cal, I might be able to bring it to you at a spot where some sort of road crosses the trail. I'm retired, and fairly free.