Saturday, April 2, 2016

PCT southern terminus to Cottonwood Creek

The journey begins.

My mom drove me down in her Smart car and took a few pictures at the Southern Terminus memorial.

So clean!
Mom posing with the border wall/road in the background.
Mom and the Smart car departing.
Just have to get a picture of the first mile marker, probably the most photographed mile marker since I imagine that pretty much everyone gets this far. It's also one of the few mile markers of significance that isn't hiker created.
Crossed these tracks along the way. My path won't be as nice and flat.

The first segment of the PCT is about 20 miles from the border to Lake Moreno. I was planning on doing ten miles a day, camping someplace along the way.

However, the day turned out to be quite hot, and by the time I got to the ten mile mark I could tell that if I stopped and cooked I'd be seriously short on water for the following day.
I had looked at the maps and water report for this section and I knew that around the 15 mile mark, at the bottom of a valley that we had to hike down into and then up the other side, there was a creek. But the creek was a mile and a half off the trail.
So, instead of stopping at ten miles, I kept going. I ended up walking in the dark for the last couple miles of trail, plus the dirt road that led away from the trail. I finally found the water source, a nicely flowing creek with lots of frogs somewhere making noise.
My first day on the trail and I was beat. 15 miles of trail plus my mile and a half detour.
I filtered water, made something for dinner and camped on bare rock without bothering with the tent, since I couldn't be bothered to hunt around for a camp site in the dark.


Just a note, if anyone looks at this in the future. I'm writing this in 2020, finally adding a few more photos that were taken along the way. I might add some extra text, but even just four years later, memory fades. Frankly, even on the hike, some days were a blur and ran together.

I'll try to link Mighty Mouse's blog entries for each day, she wrote a whole lot more than I did.

Amazingly, we started on the same day, although at different times.

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