Saturday, April 16, 2016

Unpaved Tule Canyon Truck Trail to Paradise Cafe

Hiked 15 miles today to get to Paradise Cafe today. Long hike but great scenery. Feet are tired and a bit sore but I am mostly feeling good. 

Passed a couple water caches. The Malibu East one was decked out with a hiker box, a surfboard to sign and a tiny free library.

We met Tim on a dirt road that crossed the PCT in the middle of the day and Barbra went with him to catch a flight home since her time on the trail was up and she had to get home and back to work.

Eventually made it to the Paradise Cafe on Hwy 74 and met my parents and Selva.

2021 Update:

After a decidedly unrestful night thanks to the winds, I woke up nice and gritty, ugh.

We hiked a few miles to a dirt road where Tim met us. Today was Barbra's last day on the trail, and Tim met us to taker to the airport to return to the real world.

Later in the day we passed a water cache, then had lunch.
After lunch we came across Malibu East, a water cache and rest area set up on some folks' land. Complete with tiny library.

Ended the day's hiking at the Paradise Cafe on highway 74. 74 is also known as the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway. It runs from Palm Desert, not far from where I live now, up to the mountains, and is a lovely ride on a motorcycle.

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