Friday, April 15, 2016

Trail Angel Mike Herrera's House to Unpaved Tule Canyon Truck Trail

Go up in the morning and had a great breakfast, thanks to Mike and the guys running the place!

Guess I didn't have much to write on this day. More likely I was trying to avoid the wind in the tent, and the sand it was blowing into the tent.

The site where we camped looked nice, and there weren't really any options. But boy did it get windy. I used big stones to anchor my tent guy lines.

Another windy evening on the PCT. hiked 10 miles from our last stop. Spring here is dry so we got water from a small creek about a half mile back.

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2021 Update:

Woke up at Mike's Place after a windy night.

The guys were busy making breakfast for all the hikers. Many thanks to them, and again, to all the Trail Angels.

After that it was walk walk walk. Some days there's drama, good or bad, and other's just are.

The site we camped at was nice, but a tad bit exposed, wind wise. And yep, it got windy. By morning everything in my tent was covered in dust that blew in.

I had added extensions to the guy lines that hold my tent up, and they were put to good use tonight. I dragged some large rocks over and tied the guy lines to the rocks to keep the tent from blowing away.

The good side of the site was that it had good views, and there was water available just a little way down the hill from our tents.

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