Wednesday, May 11, 2016

forgotten camp site to Guffy Spring Campground

More elevation gain today, but my feet and knees are getting back into the swing of things and not hurting as much. 

Hiked about ten miles to Guffy Spring Campground. There is indeed a spring, and it has water, but it is about a quarter mile down a steep trail that seemed harder than doing the past few miles of trail. 

This camp is at around 8500 feet in elevation, so it got cool at night, but it wasn't too bad, stayed warm with just my sleeping bag/quilt. On some of the colder nights I have had to used my down puffy jacket as well as gloves and a down hood to keep warm. 

The hiking today was good. Lots of Poodle Dog Bush to dodge along the sides of the trail, and a pretty steady in line, but the trail was mostly in good shape. Not too much shade though. There were lots of old fallen and burnt trees that indicate that at some time in the past there were large stands of pine trees along much more of the mountains, but now the stands are much more of a rarity. 

Hiked past Mt. Baldy on the north side today, at least on this side it appears to have trees to the summit, so not-so-bald. I dunno, maybe the true summit is hidden from the angle that I walked.


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