Saturday, May 28, 2016

Horse Camp campground to camp along covered aqueduct

Started the day at an old Horse camp that has seen enter days. I think at one time it was a nice camp with an outhouse and other amenities, but it now has a ton of blown down trees scattered around. There are still plenty of tent spaces, but it has seen better days. 

What it does have is a nice spring down a short but steep trail. Made the trip down this morning for water, it was flowing well. 

Hiked about ten miles to Hikertown, a trail angel/hostel along highway 138. Hung out in the shade during the early afternoon with a whole bunch of hikers, some of whom stayed at Hikertown for the night and some who headed out as the temperature dropped. 

I headed out with Sherpa and Dr. Doolittle around seven, and we hiked along a couple different aqueducts for about seven miles, setting up camp in the dark next to the concrete covered aqueduct.

Sherpa and Dr. Doolittle heading for the aqueduct.

Alongside the open aqueduct.
Walk on top of the enclosed portion of the aqueduct.

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